A design studio based in Beirut with a local kick and international reach. Adding extra flavour and hot appeal to your company and products through the communication power of design, SPICE is all about client satisfaction.
We go beyond the basic, ordinary and expected with our innovative yet practical design sense and ability to thoroughly sense out client's real needs in addition to the latest trends.
We make a difference to your brand with our insight into the industry, market, competition and your specific business culture. This gives us the perception needed to successfully spice up our work and give you the edge.
We carefully create the right visuals using typography, colours and graphics to optimally express the big idea to consumers, translating your ideas into a viable form of visual communication.
The ordinary is not part of SPICE's essence and so we offer more than just pictures and layouts. We come up with creative concepts that can leave a lasting impression and showcase you and your projects in the most effective and sensational manner.
We meticulously execute our work focusing on the tiniest little details to guarantee pleasing results and quality work. At SPICE, tasteful execution means adding long-lasting flavour to design.